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GKI Fasto Table Tennis Bat

Extremely durable and sturdy, get this table tennis racket from the storehouse collection of GKI. It..

INR 662.00 INR 595.80 Ex Tax: INR 531.96

GKI Hit Back Table Tennis Bat

This racquet boasts of a control rating of 92 and a spin rating of 88 as well. Benefits and Safety F..

INR 738.00 INR 664.20 Ex Tax: INR 593.04

GKI Kung Fu Table Tennis Bat

Gki Kung Fu table tennis bat is among the ideal table tennis bats which offers you a great experienc..

INR 886.00 INR 797.40 Ex Tax: INR 711.96

GKI Kung-Fu Dx Table Tennis Bats

Gki Kung Fu Dx Table Tennis Racket is a high quality and powerful table tennis racket which is ideal..

INR 1,010.00 INR 909.00 Ex Tax: INR 811.61

GKI Offensive XX Table Tennis Bat

GKI Offensive Xx Table Tennis Racket is the best ever table tennis racket from the house of GKI, whi..

INR 1,188.00 INR 1,069.20 Ex Tax: INR 954.64