My Clear Bags

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Saya My Clear Bag Flower

Most popular flower design in 5 attractive transparent colors.High quality anti-static polypropylene..

INR 18.44 INR 14.75 Ex Tax: INR 12.50

Saya My Clear Bag Plain

 Plain My Clear Bag with attractive transparent colors allowing maximum visibility and identifi..

INR 20.00 INR 16.00 Ex Tax: INR 12.50

Saya Double Pocket Clear Bag Expandable

Available in Special Dual Colours in Neon And MilkyThe Gazetted File Means Extra Large Capacity to S..

INR 36.88 INR 29.50 Ex Tax: INR 25.00

Saya Handy Clear Bag Superior

New and Attractive Clear bag in thick and high quality PP sheet.Special innovative design...

INR 46.09 INR 36.88 Ex Tax: INR 31.25

Saya Flexi Document Clear Bag Eco

Name Card Pocket for Easy IdentificationFabric Stitched Self Expanding Document Case ..

INR 110.00 INR 88.00 Ex Tax: INR 74.58

Saya Flexi Document Clear Bag with Lock

Fabric Stitched Self Expanding Document CaseName Card Pocket for Easy Identification...

INR 150.00 INR 120.00 Ex Tax: INR 101.69