My Clear Bags

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Saya My Clear Bag Flower

Most popular flower design in 5 attractive transparent colors.High quality anti-static polypropylene..

INR 18.44 Ex Tax: INR 15.63

Saya My Clear Bag Plain

 Plain My Clear Bag with attractive transparent colors allowing maximum visibility and identifi..

INR 20.00 Ex Tax: INR 15.63

Saya Double Pocket Clear Bag Expandable

Available in Special Dual Colours in Neon And MilkyThe Gazetted File Means Extra Large Capacity to S..

INR 36.88 Ex Tax: INR 31.25

Saya Handy Clear Bag Superior

New and Attractive Clear bag in thick and high quality PP sheet.Special innovative design...

INR 46.09 Ex Tax: INR 39.06

Saya Flexi Document Clear Bag Eco

Name Card Pocket for Easy IdentificationFabric Stitched Self Expanding Document Case ..

INR 110.00 Ex Tax: INR 93.22

Saya Flexi Document Clear Bag with Lock

Fabric Stitched Self Expanding Document CaseName Card Pocket for Easy Identification...

INR 150.00 Ex Tax: INR 127.12