Table Tennis

Table Tennis
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Cosco Stiga Competition Table Tennis Ball

A competition ball of the highest quality. Hand selected *** (3star) CELLULOID Ball. 3 Balls Pack..

INR 201.00 INR 140.70 Ex Tax: INR 125.63

Cosco Stiga CupTable Tennis Ball

Stiga Cup Ball is made from Pure CELLULOID and has no tangible join, which means that Cup has very e..

INR 240.00 INR 168.00 Ex Tax: INR 150.00

Cosco Stiga Fight Table Tennis Bat

Its Quality Recreational Bat with Excellent Ball Control Characteristics. It comes with a 1.5mm Rubb..

INR 330.00 INR 231.00 Ex Tax: INR 206.25

Cosco Stiga Toledo Table Tennis Bat

Toledo is developed for the player who requires a high quality recreational bat with excellent ball ..

INR 550.00 INR 385.00 Ex Tax: INR 343.75

Cosco Stiga Tornado Table Tennis Bat

Tornado is designed for the beginner player requiring extra control. ..

INR 610.00 INR 427.00 Ex Tax: INR 381.25

Cosco Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat

The Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat is a quality recreational bat with excellent ball control characte..

INR 730.00 INR 511.00 Ex Tax: INR 456.25

GKI Fasto Table Tennis Bat

Extremely durable and sturdy, get this table tennis racket from the storehouse collection of GKI. It..

INR 662.00 INR 595.80 Ex Tax: INR 531.96

GKI Hit Back Table Tennis Bat

This racquet boasts of a control rating of 92 and a spin rating of 88 as well. Benefits and Safety F..

INR 738.00 INR 664.20 Ex Tax: INR 593.04

GKI Kung Fu Table Tennis Bat

Gki Kung Fu table tennis bat is among the ideal table tennis bats which offers you a great experienc..

INR 886.00 INR 797.40 Ex Tax: INR 711.96

GKI Kung-Fu Dx Table Tennis Bats

Gki Kung Fu Dx Table Tennis Racket is a high quality and powerful table tennis racket which is ideal..

INR 1,010.00 INR 909.00 Ex Tax: INR 811.61

Cosco Stiga Elite Table Tennis Bat

The ELITE combines spin and speed characteristics for the serious player. WRB technology provides ex..

INR 1,410.00 INR 987.00 Ex Tax: INR 881.25

GKI Offensive XX Table Tennis Bat

GKI Offensive Xx Table Tennis Racket is the best ever table tennis racket from the house of GKI, whi..

INR 1,188.00 INR 1,069.20 Ex Tax: INR 954.64

Cosco Stiga Club Roller Table Tennis Table

Fold able, Suitable for Indoor Use.Semi assembled, approx 15 minutes to be ready. Net Set Included...

INR 28,000.00 INR 25,200.00 Ex Tax: INR 22,500.00

Cosco Stiga Athlete Roller Table Tennis Table

Fold able Indoor Use Table,Approx. 45 minutes to Assemble the Table.Net Set Included.Square-tubular ..

INR 39,000.00 INR 35,100.00 Ex Tax: INR 31,339.29

Cosco Stiga Premium Roller Table Tennis Table

The surface is made of MDF and gives a top class bounce, hence the ITTF approval for it as a tournam..

INR 76,000.00 INR 68,400.00 Ex Tax: INR 61,071.43