Exam Board

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Saya Clip Board

PP Clamp BinderSpecial Chrome Finish Lever ClipInside Pocket for Storing Loose Paper..

INR 90.00 INR 72.00 Ex Tax: INR 56.25

Navneet Exam Board (Size Foolscap)

Gloss LaminationAccommodates all size of exam papers, Centimeter & inch scale provided in foolsc..

INR 75.00 Ex Tax: INR 63.56

Navneet: Youva Exam Board

Youva exam board is made from special wood that makes it very strong and very difficult to break, ..

INR 100.00 Ex Tax: INR 84.75

Navneet Drawing Exam Board

Apt for elementary and intermediate grade drawing exams, this drawing board is equipped with a stron..

INR 110.00 Ex Tax: INR 93.22

Saya Clip Board Deluxe

With Strong Metal Strip Clip and pen holderWith Inch and Centimeters Engraved on either side of the ..

INR 150.00 INR 120.00 Ex Tax: INR 101.69

Navneet Crystal Exam Board (Size Foolscap)

Minimum Scratches and DamageIdeal for School and College StudentsCentimeter and Inch Scale Provided..

INR 160.00 Ex Tax: INR 135.59